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Uncover the Genius in Your Baby (English - IN)


Albert Einstein said, “Every child is born a genius." But we don’t see many geniuses around us. Why? Cognitive Neuroscientists believe that this may have a lot to do with how we support brain development in 0-3 years of a child. Each one of us is born with about 100 billion neurons in our brain. In the first three years of a child’s life these neurons connect with each other at a rapid pace and create pathways. These connections and pathways are the building blocks of human intelligence. Now since most of it is happening after birth, we can influence it and that is where parents come in. There are specific things parents can do to augment this process and turn each child into a genius. Approximately after first three years, the brain starts pruning weaker connections and these connections die. Enroll in this course where we cover science of brain development and Bablr's proprietary TTC method that can be used at home to accelerate your baby's brain development.





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